AvailablePuppies **Look below and see new litter information:
Jesse is the Dam to this litter.
Deacon is the Sire to this litter.
Cinch/SOLD to Robert Kempf In Rowlett, TX
Clabe/ SOLD to Karen Lane in McAlester, OK
Gage/ SOLD to Karen Lane in McAlester, TX
Florence Bell / SOLD
 to Grant & Rosalie Brubaker in Lake Havasu, NV
Reba Sue Sold to Jill Steward and Elain Sutton near Beaumont, TX
Dixie Sold to Jack Allen in Salado, TX

This is Jesse's first litter. 

litter was born 03/04/2019.

You can text me at:  940-733-1578.

ASDR Registration and also pups.
Reyna sold to Ms. Ware in New Mexico who came all the way to Archer City, TX to get her precious baby.
Pete is sold to Judy Rucker in Sundown, TX  
Gunner sold to Carol Walker in Breckinridge, TX
Annie is sold to Tina Hickman in Topeka, KS...
Belle Is For Sale $150 Local & Spayed
Jenny Mae Sold Locally
JUD sold to Karmen & Daniel Meza
in Deer Park, TX
Ringo sold to Karmen & Daniel Meza in Deer Park, TX
Virgil sold to Fred Jordan in Iowa Park, TX who is going to get him trained as a Service Dog......
Ranger sold to Dayle Pennington in Abilene, Tx who is going to get him trained to be a Service Dog......

These are all photos of Tess.  SOLD TO: Brittany New in South Texas . Tess was born 02/12/2018 to the above Male and Female, Katy and Rex. Toy Aussie.........
Katie is the Dam and weighs 9.5 LBS

Rex is the Sire and weighs 12 LBS

Alvin - Sold to Kelsea Rae in 
Kim, CO.
Brandi - Sold to Lacy Dyson in Frisco, Tx.
Jodi sold to Jay in Keller, TX
Ziggie - Sold to Leah Shirley in Wichita Falls, TX....
Mary - SOLD to Oscar & Becky Gutierrez in Dallas, TX........
Randi - SOLD to Mark Howard in Tomball, TX
Bear's - SOLD to Stephanie Baker in Wichita Falls, TX  
Wanda - SOLD to Tracy Pozayt in Owingsville, KY.
LANIE - Sold to Janet Flipin and she picked her up in Abilene, TX
Parker was born 08/25/2018. Male Toy Aussie for $650.00 
SOLD to Keri Holan in Canton, Texas

Newt has met with a tragic accident and is no longer with us. He was born on Thanksgiving 2017 and passed on Thanksgiving 2018.
Porter was born 02/23/2019. Male Toy Aussie. For sale for $1,000. He is a very small Toy.
Taylor, Female Mini Aussie, The Runt. 
Myra, Female Mini Aussie
Sold to a nice couple in Iowa Park, TX 
Sally, Female Mini Aussie
Ester, Female Mini Aussie
Hayden, Female Mini Aussie
Dallas, Female Mini Aussie
DJ, Male Mini Aussie
Carter, Male Red Tri
Chester, Male Red Tri
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