Jill & Elaine in Koontz, TX
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Kendra Lane
Judy Rucker in Sundown, TX
She is doing great. Very intelligent and will do just about anything to please.
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We are proud of our Puppies and Dogs and would like to share these testimonials from our previous buyers:
We were so happy that we got the two Heeler puppies. Both boys are so glad that each have a puppy to call their very own. God Bless and Thanks Again.

Kendra & the Boys
Laurie & Jim,

He is doing great!! We have named him "Kash" , and his full registered name is "Captain Jack Kash". We are really enjoying him! He's already spoiled rotten. Haha. He is doing so well with potty training already! He already knows that he is supposed to go on his grass mat potty pad all on his own (Now if I could just get him to stop playing on it! Haha) he LOVES to play tug of war, it's his favorite thing, and he hops around like a bunny!! He has also learned how to howl when its bed time and he doesn't want to stop playing. It's pretty cute! Then he will go lay in his bed on his blanket and pout for all of five seconds before he crashes out. He's very social, you did a great job socializing him! He gets a bit scared outside, but I'm not letting him on the ground yet until he gets the rest of his shots. He hides in my neck when he's nervous. It's so sweet. I have attached some pics of him. I would love to keep in touch. I'm sure you are going to miss this little guy! I know I would!

Thank you again! 
Judy Rucker
Porter says thanks for taking good care of me, had my Vet Check Up and everything is good! 7 pounds. I got him a comfy bed and put it in between us in bed and was the best cuddlier! As long as my hand was touching him he was happy. He follows me every where step by step!
Love this little Guy!
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd in Pennsylvania
Keri Holan
Laurie & Jim,
Parker is so handsome. His lil personality is finally blooming too. We love him sooooo much!